What I Eat in a Day Being Vegan 2018 🌿: Indian Edition | Kritika Goel

What I Eat in a Day Being Vegan 2018: Indian Edition | Kritika Goel

Hey guys, in today’s video I show you what I eat in a day (vegan and Indian edition). I usually switch things up and eat different things each day but I tried to make this video as realistic as possible. Hope you enjoy watching! 😊




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  1. What's your favourite meal of the day? Mine's breakfast! 😋

  2. You can't really substitute agave syrup with honey if you're vegan…

  3. Good vegan human 2.0 a step forward in human evolution

  4. I like Indian cuisine, I like the earthy freshness. I try and stay away from processed. I liked the video. It was all very wholesome. Thanks.

  5. I like the way u speak…

  6. Being vegan is great, but your breakfast had processed food. Also, added sugar is poison.

  7. Should chia seeds be soaked and then allow it to swell up??

  8. I really like this. I am a long time vegan, and I also eat quite healthy (most of the time), but one huge difference. My portion sizes. I think I would eat four of those pizzas. Do you really eat so little?

  9. The best way to have almonds is to soak it overnight and having it after peeling it. Its way more easy for the body to absorb the nutrients.

  10. You are Indian but where are you?? India or abroad? Bcos chia.. agave syrup etc… not Indian options…which I was looking for…

  11. 👍very nice video
    Enjoyed your family pic too
    But again ..yes honey is not vegan ….

  12. Nice to hear that you like south Indian food

  13. I like you Kanika… I propose to marriage. I love you…. Answer my proposal…

  14. U don't have to share what u eat, because I always see u eating…: – )))

  15. peace and love thank you for uploading it is appreciated.

  16. I have subscribed your channel after watching goa videos, doing good work.

  17. mere fridge me toh saala kuch bhi n rehta
    only milk and vegetables

  18. Hell of a coincidence. Just yesterday i decided to go Vegan, and yeah i am a big big paneer lover too.. and this morning i i started 7th season of the Office.. 😇🤘🏼🇮🇳✔️

  19. Hey! Nice video! A question…How do you ensure you get adequate Vitamin B12? I mean are you using any supplements? I have recently turned vegan too and looking for a suitable way to incorporate it into my diet. Let me know! 🙂

  20. Hi there so ur watching the office on netflix the Great TV show? Just saw ur watching office on ur laptop or just a clip lol😀

  21. Nice diet! the good food is mouth watering when we see it and finger licking when we eat it.😜

  22. Im vegan 2 .. but i don't eat breakfast because i try to lose weight.. i love Indian food can u make recipes for vegan people pls ❤❤❤

  23. Paneer tastes so good because it’s a non vegan , it’s like eating chicken

  24. I loved the video and I can't explain the reason. I usually am not impressed with anything.

  25. You mum makes everything, even your coffee. Well done, her!

  26. All those vegans out there , please include 50 grams chia seeds and 100 mung beans to your diet. Daily, you will get 400 mg calcium , 600% omega 3 , more than 100% of phosphorus , magnesium, manganese,copper and selenium. And 32 grams protein from the two. So best for optimum bone health and joints health and strength and muscle building.

  27. What's the name of the compact juicer /smootie maker?
    Why u can't take paneer as a vegan?

  28. Yuck. The vegan life is no life. Eat 🐄 🐖 🐓 and enjoy life for however long the great Lord places you here on this planet.

  29. Dear aap to healthy ho hi niii

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