What I Eat in a Day | Healthy Meals |

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  1. Wow! You're amazing it looks great!!!

  2. great ideas, Tiff! can't wait to try some out

  3. All your food looks so healthy and colourful! Great video

  4. that's the ticket i've gone semi-vegan i still eat meat (chickenbreast and salmon) but a good percentage is fruits and vegetables. the garbage sold outside will shorten your life!

  5. Put strawberries in the wraps next time. Yumm

  6. Aw this video was so good!!!! Loved it! I like seeing what you eat. Great new meals I can try 😊❤️

  7. tiff, is this all you eat in a day? how do you get over the hunger for snacks (even healthy ones)?

  8. I must try leechies? Lol they look yummy

  9. You should do a video on crockpot meals!!

  10. Awesome video tiff 🙂

  11. I love your what eat in day you shroud do more video like this 😊

  12. Any suggestions for someone on a budget but can at least try to eat healthy?

  13. That's a lot of Yin in your diet, Tiff………xojenny

  14. Great video. Very helpful. How come you never use your other channel?

  15. lovely and healthy , nice video 🙂 :)!!

  16. You are so inspiring!! Love you videos ❤️

  17. yessssssssssssssssssssssss <3 🙂

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