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Welcome back babes! I hope you enjoy watching my full day of eating. Please be sure to like this video and subscribe so you never miss a fit tip with Whit again!

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  1. You are honestly one of my favorite humans! please share where you are getting these shades from?!?! LOVE THEM!!

  2. omg YES i am a peanut butter eating monster

  3. "I wanted to take u around and show u my life but I dont do anything" lmfaooooooo 5:42

  4. "if your body is hungry, it means it needs food" -Whitney Simmons 2016

  5. i’m re watching all your what i eat in a days because they’re my favorite!!! 💞💞

  6. Quick question…does literally every color look good on you!?!!

  7. ALERT: I made the nuggets. SHE DOES NOT LIE PEOPLE. They do taste like chicken nuggets! It was a struggle to not use too much ketchup tho Dx

  8. 5:30🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I love it!! And navy is so cute!! And whitney your a freaking joy!!!❤❤

  9. i'm so happy bc i found a fitness blogger that doesn't like chicken! bc same lol

  10. Why am I binge watching your videos at 3am?????

  11. Just found your channel I’m so glad!! I’ve been watching video after video you’re such an inspiration!

  12. Everytime I watch your eating videos I always crave egg whites for some reason 😂😂

  13. For sure trying your chicken idea

  14. pftt haaaaa thats sleeping in?! GIRL when i sleep in I SLEEP IN ain't nothing getting me out of bed till 4pm 🙅🏼‍♀️NOTHING

  15. The dog must be thinking , why is my owner always talking to herself ? 😂

  16. Every time I watch your videos I die laughing, you bring fun to fitness and I’m OBSESSED 😂❤️ Thanks for being such a bright and positive individual and most of all thanks for sharing it

  17. I laughed so hard at you dancing with Navy in the bag

  18. How big is grams of Sodium in a weight loss diet plan? I try to track mine and not go over a certain amount a day but I see you don't seem to pay mind to  yours…. should I stop worrying about my sodium intake? Is C,F,P most important in losing weight?

  19. OMG, when you were showing you breakfast and your dog was behind you eyeing your food! LOL LOL LOL that was too funny

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