What I Eat In A Day | To Lose Weight | Nigerian Diet

This is what I eat in a day to lose weight: Nigerian food, easily accessible to me. From my research, To lose weight you have to burn off more than you take in so portion control is a major for me. Also I change the way I cook some meals and ingredients I use. If you want more videos like this, make sure you Comment, Like and SUBSCRIBE. I mentioned a few recipes:

Chicken Suya Skewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru2g3Uu_NbU&t=6s

Panla Sauce With Uziza https://youtu.be/_5Nl1qLL2u0

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I’m a Nigerian Food and Lifestyle Blogger documenting bits of every other day in my life with my son, Tito and husband Bobo.


  1. Yemi…….you like food sha. See the way you are describing it so excitedly

  2. Interesting. Plaintain in the oven. Thats a new one

  3. Hi this is my first time I've seen your video and it's very very interesting and loved it please I just want to ask about how did you make the flat bread that you added to your chicken please I would like to know

  4. 😂😂😂😂 you're so real.. I love you!!

  5. Nice video…please is that the regular shawarma wrap?

  6. Black nonstick pans sometimes are made out of stuff that causes cancer. Best to use stainless steel. Check your posts. You all will never get cancer in Jesus name. FOr Your Info

  7. Receipe for the bread roll

  8. you can also boil your plantain with the skin! saves you some time lol

  9. Wow thank you very much for this amazing video. I did Keto but it's too difficult. Imagine casting away all your favorite food all in the name of diet and am a massage therapist so carb should be my bestie. Portion control is the answer. Thanks

  10. I swapped eba for plantain flour

  11. I love your channel and content, your outlook on life is so refreshing. Thank you x

  12. Please what is that flour you wrap the salad vegetables with? And is it prepared
    My email is adiagaobot@gmail.com
    Thanks so much for your wonderful meals

  13. Everything looks delicious. I am going to try and follow this. Will you be making a video for the second meal?

  14. Your cooking yea yummy it’s pretty good

  15. Sisi pls what seasoning did you use to fry your eggs

  16. Thanks for keeping real Sisi…. with your 6 slices of bread 😂 #thestruggles

  17. sisyemmie please where did you get this bread

  18. I'm proud of ua yes portion size

  19. Sisi yemi will just be deciving herself not us viewer. Sisi yemi that can eat for d universe

  20. How do I get d flat bread or wrap

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