WHAT I EAT IN A DAY while Camping | EASY & Healthy Meals

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Today I’m sharing What I Eat in a Day while camping at Elora! We go every year and it’s now something I look forward to every Summer.

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  1. We call it Labor Day in US. Love this camping vlog!!

  2. Loved this video. I miss camping. What were you cooking over the fire at the end? #healthnutfam Watching from my computer so I cant do the #avocadoemoji 🙁

  3. Love all the footage on the drone!! Looks like a fun trip!

  4. Local Fergus girl here, you were definitely walking around in Elora. Elora and Fergus are two separate towns <3

  5. Love camping x mainly in garden and friends as child. Cornwall camping with my parents at 17yrs. You all looked so relaxed x 😍😍🥑🥑🥑🥑

  6. Your hair looks soooo much better all naturale!! 😊😉

  7. Interesting that you actually talk about breaking a law. There are reasons why they don't allow alcohol.

  8. Wow this looks like you guys had a lot of fun during camping…I don’t remember going camping in a while lol! By the way drone did a pretty good job! 🥑🍤🌮⛺️

  9. You're my favorite to watch! Love seeing your adventures 💛

  10. Love camping, heading up to Awenda Provincial park next weekend for our family camping trip and can't wait. 5 full days of living in nature.

  11. currently camping + traveling fulltime so I really enjoyed this video!!! Thanks for the ideas!!! xo – Sara https://www.youtube.com/saramichaels

  12. Nikole can you link the containers you used for the oil and spices?

  13. Really enjoy your vlogs! Can't wait to go camping again after watching this :). Also Matt saying his fun fact in car reminded me of me haha

  14. That looked like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! The drone shots were beautiful!

  15. Where is your bikini from? Love it!

  16. Do you do any recipes with matcha ???

  17. I don’t know about y’all but when I go camping I just want to eat traditional campings foods lol like hot dogs and burgers with chips and dip

  18. I am trying to talk my husband into going camping! I feel very inspired by your video, and your camp meals. Love your channel!

  19. Wow, I really want to go camping now! I would love to see how you packed and prepared for the trip!

  20. One of the best camping vlogs I've ever seen. The food looked amazing.

  21. That rainbow chopped tuna salad looked good. Of course I'll have to veganize it when I make it 😊

  22. I need to go camping with you guys lol all the food looks so good! 😋😋 Also that beach is beautiful. 💕

  23. Timezone diffrents sucks😫
    I see this so late🙁
    But it this is such an amazing video as always😍

  24. I've been camping all my life and why did I never think to pre chop and use mason jars?! More camping trips!

  25. I love that you stick to your routines on vacation or away for the weekend. It's so hard for me to stay on track and pick my routines back up when I get back home. I have no idea why… Any tips on how to stay on track? I love this vlog. I wish it was 10x longer. 🙁

  26. What is the recipe for the pancakes?

  27. I love your camping 🏕videos!!!!👍🏽👌🏽

  28. Awesome vlog! I love watching your vlogs – especially when you’re in areas I’m familiar with! Also you were in Elora when you went to the Cork – I’m from fergus, elora is a separate town from fergus 🙂

  29. Brothers are very good friends!
    I also enjoyed the camp feeling!

  30. i love camping! What brad of herbal coffee are you using now?? You got me hooked on Tecchino.

  31. I can't even believe how healthy you eat!!

  32. What kind of drone do you use? I love that footage!

  33. I wish I had the courage to go camping. The whole lack of indoor plumbing and the insect thing just doesn’t sit well with me 😜. Great video. Glad you all had a great time 🥑🥑🥑🥑

  34. I have never been camping…lioks like loads of fun but where do you guys go to use the bathroom😂😂🤗🤗

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