What I Eat in a Week! Vegan, Easy & Healthy Recipes

I have lots of new recipes for you guys! 🙆 In this video I’m sharing what I eat in a week as a vegan- With super easy and healthy recipes 😁 I hope you find this ideas helpful, either if you are starting on a healthier lifestyle or are just looking for inspiration😉 What’s your favorite recipe from the video guys?


  1. Hello Family!! Thanks so much for being here on another video with me! I made it with so much❤️, please LIKE👍🏽if you thought this was helpful😁If you make any of my recipes don't forget to use the #RawvanaFam on Ig and Twitter so I can like it!! Love you so so much!!

  2. I'm going vegan because well in Mexico it's cheaper than buying meat for every meal

  3. Oatmeal, tostada and zucchini pasta for dinner

  4. damn this meat pie is amazing

  5. Adding some meat and eggs to your diet will prolong your life.
    Humans are not meant to exist on such foods.
    Those foods are really good side dishes to eat with your meat and eggs. Don’t be fooled by all the vegan food companies.

  6. What could I replace peppers with I’m allergic to nightshade family and I’m struggling for ideas

  7. Where can I get this meal plan and recipes.  Everything looks delicious.

  8. Literally just zucchini, spinach, lemon and tahini.

  9. Hi rawvana . I just started eating vegan mostly to lose weight and I'm loving it. The results r slow but u did day to be patient with myself. My question to u is should I stick to 3 meals a day or can I have snacks (especially around 3h ) I get ravenous before supper. Of course a healthy snack like Apple and nut butter or just raw veggies with a dip. What s ur take on it . Really appreciate an answer. Looòove all ur videos that I just discovered

  10. I could cry. I cannot believe it took me this long to find someone who will provide recipes that are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Great ideas! Also I love your blouse where did you get it? 😊

  12. love your style but way to fast for me to keep up. How can I get your recepies

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  14. Could I use soymilk in place of almond milk? I am not too crazy about the sweetness of almond milk, and I was wondering if it would effect the flavor too much.

  15. What kind of blender do you recommend ?!

  16. Im a vegan too but ..Why she eats like shes on a diet..i mean its nice and healthy but im thinking i would be hungry. No pasta no bread no deserts just fruits and vegetable mainly. I think its good to treat yourself with something else than just veggies.

  17. Loved everything just can not eat watermelon nor tamari, then I have histamine issues so I have to be careful, so I could use some of your recipes. They really look yummy, I watched it more than once there was so much to take in.. Blessings.

  18. HAHAHAHAH!!!! EPIC!!! I totally get the Tahini for dinner!!! LOL right with you girl! 😉
    Love this video! super easy recipes and so good!! #bestlifestyle #vegan #love 😉

  19. This is my favorite video of yours. Helps me out so much

  20. Can somebody tell me where the hell I can get the almond butter, the tahini sauce, and nutritional yeast? This is getting in my nerves

  21. Its amazing!!! I like your blender, could you tell me from where I can bye it?

  22. I love it !! Tostadas !! 👌🌱

  23. I just discovered your channel and I have to say thank you! I have been transitioning into a vegan diet and have been overwhelmed with recipes and have no idea where to start with cooking. Your recipes seem easy and totally manageable! I’m hoping to start eating more Whole Foods and less “chickn” dinners lol. Thank you!!!

  24. My favourite smoothie ; 1 banana, frozen blueberries, almond milk, water, 1 spoon of powder barley, 1 spoon of chia seeds

  25. The smoothie bowl, watermelon, tostadas, and the two pasta dishes are my favorite!!! I need to prep these soon 🙂

  26. Your body needs animal protein period. And to all you vegans out there, ask someone who will tell you the truth how your breath smells? The breath of vegans smells like they've been nibbling on shit.

  27. and for desert ginger tea…….yeah i'm out

  28. Hey there, just wondered how much that week cost you, if you have an estimate. Love 😍 your ideas.

  29. Great week of delicious AFFORDABLE & nutritious food. It is so informational seeing it set out this way. Tfs Yovanna 😙

  30. My favorite was…..everything

  31. Mines is a banna shake

  32. Amazing. Love your trip to Cuba.

  33. What's the best protein powder to drink while trying to lose weight

  34. Smoothe recipe 1 table spoon peanut butter 4 or 2 leaves of peppermint 1 cup plane yogurt if want some milk water or just milk 3 almonds teaspoon of chea seeds 3 fennel seeds some ginger and tumric with some pepper coins haif cup of oats 1 bannas Spinach baby leaves some some mango Chucks haif scoop of protein powder or less if want.

  35. I am new to your channel but I definitely like what I see. I think you provide a wide variety of meals and I'm looking forward to your meal preps!

  36. Proteins shake?!!!! Seriously? And you call that healthy?!

  37. damn Latinas are beautiful

  38. That’s awesome you use Saladmaster. I love mine.

  39. girl your recipes are TOO good! i'm so excited to try some of these out <3

  40. Which blender is that? 😮

  41. my favorite shake is a chocolate powder and strawberry with a hint of lime. Mmmmm​ yummy

  42. Тhe way this is shooted is amazing. Havent tried this yet since I've just seen. Most of the things I eat are usually vegan/vegetarian however I am still eating salmon and eggs. Just too good 😀

  43. It's not raw anymore…You should change the name… when did you start cooking the ingredients…I loved it when all was raw

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