This is what my toddler eats in a day, I have been trying to introduce her to some more vegetables and meats so she’s used to different foods! We are not vegan or vegetarian! I’ve been just feeding her some healthier foods!

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  1. Tbh this is way healthier than what my parents used to feed me as a kid. They lacked knowledge on nutrition so props up to you for giving her healthy meals and actually caring about what she consumes. But one more thing, does she drink enough water throughout the day? I see juices which is fine but water is important too. Also, you could totally change the white bread for wholemeal instead if you wanted a healthier alternative, just a suggestion though :))

  2. TF she a feed the child, it's a kids not a adult it's like you trying to live your life Tru her


  4. New Youtubers alert join the fambo's journey lets grow together…..thank you

  5. Those are some good meals and ideas

  6. Bby girl got so big🥰♥️🤗

  7. She Kno got damn well she don't be making her baby that

  8. How old is she? She does a great job eating. I have twin girls that are 16 months and sometimes I feel like I'm wasting foods because they don't want to eat.

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  10. She is so cute.She is going to be a healthy gorgeous little girl when she grows up❤❤❤😍😍

  11. Aww she's so cute and you are a good mum. You take time to mix things up and are conscious of her fruit/veg intake. I'm shook she eats salad and boiled eggs! My son is just ✋ don't go there 😂😂

  12. She eats soo good. how old is she??

  13. Girl the fact that she even eats that much is amazing!

  14. That’s awesome she ate the salad

  15. She eats better than me 😋

  16. im sorry but this is WAY too much food for a toddler! i dont even eat this much and im at least 5 times her age.

  17. 5:00 look at her little run! 😂💕 I love her soo much! You're such a great mother Destiny! 😁😆

  18. Omg she got so big lol i love how she eats so healthy <3 love u guys!

  19. My son won’t eat all that☹️,he eats so lil but the doctor said he’s super healthy ,so that’s good❤️

  20. Never heard of feeding a baby salad for lunch. A salad huh. Well….

  21. U r such a good mother, nd she eats really good, nd she is such a beautiful sweet baby.

  22. Such a cute light skinned baby!

  23. My son is soooooo picky!!!!!!!!! It drives me insane. I'm going to try some of these ideas with my baby, thank you 😁 and your daughter is beautiful

  24. Beautiful baby… little mama is a great eater

  25. She is so pretty 😍🥰 omg she a doll

  26. I love how you call the pasta noodles , in Scotland we call it spaghetti , she’s so cute xx

  27. I'm a single mother and my son doesn't eat very well. I love how u feed her. Just subscribed.

  28. Exactly how old is your daughter in months. Trying to get my 20 month old to eat more. He rather have a 10 Oz sippy cup of toddler formula than food. :/

  29. Great job, mama!! You’re doing your best and that’s all that matters.

  30. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Am srry I can't believe myself am late for your video this late omg. I I can't believe am so srry

  32. How old is this child ? Looks kind of big …. she look 4

  33. Oh just to keep warm😂😂

  34. Did u just put oatmeal in the oven😂😂😂 no please don't tell me

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