What’s for dinner? | FOUR New Recipes! | What we ate this week | Healthy Dinner Ideas

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Thai Curry Soup:

Beef Stew (starts at 1:33) Recipe:

Chicken Bruschetta (starts at 3:33) Recipe:

Philly Steak Bowl (starts at 4:48) Recipe:

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Hi! I’m Cheri, I am a full time working wife and a step mom to a teenage girl (we have shared custody-she is usually with us for summers, spring break and some holidays). Most of the time, it’s just my husband and I. In April 2018, we started eating healthier, I have lost over 20 pounds and my husband has lost over 30. I am not a nutritionist, this is just what we have found to work for us. We have reduced our portion sizes and just try to make better overall choices. Making a meal plan and weekly grocery shopping has really helped me stayed focused on eating right.


  1. Looks delish! I'm doing keto so this is perfect for me! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These look delicious!!! yumm!!

  3. Good idea on adding he noodles

  4. thank you for all the great ideas Cheri. Love getting ideas from others to make my planning easier….kris

  5. great video love the dish #new subbie lets support each other

  6. Just came across your channel and I really enjoyed this video! Great crock pots 🙂 I subscribed

  7. Cheri, that soup looks good, and I think you are BRILLIANT for using the three mini crockpots to do your meals, one your way and one your husband's way. I am face palming myself, I have never thought of that, but I love it! Also love cooking up some ramen and adding to the soup, we would love it that way 🙂 The beef stew, chicken bruschetta both look good, but man, that philly cheese steak looks amazing! You guys had some wonderful meals, so glad they all turned out! Have a wonderful and blessed day —-Stacy 😍❤

  8. Omg I want that baby crockpot! So cute. That would be so good for a gravy. Your pot roast looked yummy. Great video girly.

  9. Oh my gosh… I love your little crock pots!

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