Whole Foods Cookies | Vegan Recipe

Please watch: “Guess Which YouTuber I Had Lunch With?”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIukK2DLMZQ –~–
Simple 2 ingredient healthy deliciousness! (You can add MORE ingredients XD)!

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  1. What do you think about a bit of dark chocolate chunks in these?

  2. mashin up sum naanahs bah. guna make me some ench erbivore cookies like 👊

  3. can't help but head bang to your intro and outro music

  4. A guy at work gave me a big bag full of organic oats this morning so I'm all equipped to make these now 🙂

  5. Well glad I found this I have oats and bananas laying around

  6. Mmmm I'm making these fo sho!! 😍😍😍

  7. Made these the other day and they were really nice!

  8. Hey, I want to you do a video using Brown Rice Flour to make a simple GF wrap for sandwiches! Can you do this next, mate? Cheers!

  9. Your channel is awesome!!!

  10. I must be careful not to get addicted to this recipe. Thanks you :).

  11. Loving the recipe videos simple but yummy will have to give these a go 🙌

  12. Look so yummo! You guys can make me cookies anytime!!!

  13. "I'm strong in my hands" 😂

  14. So normally I don't give a S##T about recipe videos like this ….


    #AlwaysTuningIn 👀❤️😂🌱👌

  15. awesome vid 🙂
    i didnt know it was this easy to make cookies .. might try this ! never baked anything in my life haha

  16. Hey guys hows it going, I haven't been able to catch any streams recently but hope you're doing good ! These cookies look great ! I've released some new content recently and would love your guys feedback if you have the time of course 🙂 Peace and love !

  17. Good video guys, I'll try this recipe out soon. Hope the streams are coming back.

  18. Nice 1 team. Looks taste-T. Missing the livestream 🙁

  19. that strenghttt 😀 when I try to crush nuts with my hands I need to go to the A&E 😀

  20. making these tomorrow. They must be the healthiest cookies ever ! What is the banana to oat ratio?

  21. Made these yesterday 😛 Cheers Hench!

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